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Cambridge Centre of English

Cambridge Centre of English

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La nostra rete di professionisti è pronta ad accogliere le vostre richieste per traduzioni di tutti tipi.



Informati per una vacanza studio.

Quesito 1 Sara: "Are you thirsty? Would you like _(a)_ orange juice?" Vera: "Thank you, but i'd prefer _(b)_ coffee."
Sostituisci _(a)_ con: some    a    much    any
Sostituisci _(b)_ con: any    a    an    one
Quesito 2 In Modena, _(a)_ in winter and _(b)_ a lot.
Sostituisci _(a)_ con: there's often fog    is often foggy    it's often foggy    it's often the fog
Sostituisci _(b)_ con: it's raining    it's rain    it rains    is raining
Quesito 3 Pete asks: "Where _a_ ?" Livia replies: "I _b_ in Chicago."
Sostituisci _a_ con: were you born    are you born    did you born    was you born
Sostituisci _b_ con: borned    'm born    was born    is borned
Quesito 4 Henry asks: "Sarah, where _a_ ?" Sarah replies: "Well, _b_ in a residence at the moment, until Christmas."
Sostituisci _a_ con: you live    do you live    you living    do you are living
Sostituisci _b_ con: I live    I do live    is living    I'm living
Quesito 5 "Phil, _a_ my car keys? I _b_ them!"
Sostituisci _a_ con: how are    when are    who are    where are
Sostituisci _b_ con: don't see    can't find    don't find    miss
Quesito 6 Two colleagues are talking about a customer. "When _(a)_ Mr. Gonzaga?" "We _(b)_ lunch together on Thursday next week."
Sostituisci _(a)_ con: you will meet    you're meeting    are you meeting    do you meet
Sostituisci _(b)_ con: will meet    have decided    see    are having
Quesito 7 Sara wants to go to Rome for a few days: " _(a)_ does it take to drive to Rome?" Victor: "I don't know. _(b)_ ?"
Sostituisci _(a)_ con: How long    How long time    How many time    How much time
Sostituisci _(b)_ con: What is it distant    How distant is    How far is it    How much far is it
Quesito 8 Mary:"How long _(a)_ for your company?" Sandy: "Not very long. _(b)_ last October."
Sostituisci _(a)_ con: are you working    do you work    have you worked    did you work
Sostituisci _(b)_ con: for    in    since    from
Quesito 9 Richard: "How long __(a)__ payment for the printing paper?" Julia: "Well, we __(b)__ by the end of the week".
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: do we can    can we to delay    do we delay    can we delay
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: should to pay    should pay    should paying    should payed
Quesito 10 Customer: "Can I have _(a)_ about camping-sites in Sardinia?" Agency: "Yes, of course. _(b)_ going to this new place. Look at the catalogue.
Sostituisci _(a)_ con: some informations    an information    some information    any informations
Sostituisci _(b)_ con: many people are    much people is    many persons are    many people is
Quesito 11 The premises __(a)__ restructured, but the work is progressing very slowly. It __(b)__ finished until this time next year.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: are    are being    have been    is being
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: will be    isn’t    won't be    is being
Quesito 12 They __(a)__ to extend our credit until __(b)__ last year’s balance sheet.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: won’t    won’t accept    don’t accept    won’t agree
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: they have seen    they will have seen    they will see    they are seeing
Quesito 13 The order __(a)__ by DHL tomorrow, but it __(b)__ late.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: can arrive    must arrive    should arrive    should likely arrive
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: can be    must be    might be    is maybe
Quesito 14 The new Compaq laptop is __(a)__ machine they __(b)__ .
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: the most powerful    the more powerful    a most powerful    the powerfullest
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: are ever producing    ever produce    ever produced    have ever produced
Quesito 15 If the machine __(a)__ during the warranty period, we __(b)__ it free of charge.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: will break down    breaks down    is breaking down    broke down
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: are replacing    will be replacing    will replace    shall be replacing
Quesito 16 German workers earn __(a)__ their Polish opposite numbers; __(b)__ the Czechs, who earn about the same.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: twice as much as    two times that of    the double of    twice that which earn
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: by difference with    differently from    unlike    not as
Quesito 17 __(a)__ at the last meeting that we should __(b)__ on the premises.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: It’s agreed    It was agreed    It has been agreed    We have agreed
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: make smoking banned    have smoking banned    have banned smoking    make banned smoking
Quesito 18 They __(a)__ the merger for weeks and __(b)__ an agreement when the lawyer raised an objection.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: had been discussing    were discussing    have discussed    have been discussing
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: have already reached    have reached    had already reached    had already been reaching
Quesito 19 “I __(a)__ this printer to work!” “Why __(b)__ it on?”
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: try to get    am trying getting    try getting    am trying to get
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: you don’t try to switch    don’t you try to switch    aren’t you trying to switch    don't you try switching
Quesito 20 If the model __(a)__ marketed more aggressively when it was first launched, it __(b)__ better sales.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: were    had been    has been    was
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: can achieve    may achieve    might have achieved    can have achieved
Quesito 21 They sent two Vietnamese technicians, __(a)__ could speak English; __(b)__ we had to find an interpreter.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: none of them    of whom neither    either of which    none of whom
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: consequently    subsequently    of consequence    as result
Quesito 22 Sally: “ __(a)__ the meeting tomorrow?” Jack: “No, you __(b)__ if you don’t want to.”
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: Do I need attend    Do I need attending    Need I to attend    Do I need to attend
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: needn't attend    need not to attend    don’t need attending    don’t need attend
Quesito 23 By the time the goods __(a)__ , our customers __(b)__ a different supplier.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: will arrive    arrive    will have arrived    have arrived
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: will be finding    will find    will have found    will have been finding
Quesito 24 Not until __(a)__ their sales target __(b)__ confident about their new brand image.
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: they had exceeded    had they exceeded    did they exceed    were they exceeding
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: they felt    did they feel    they were feeling    had they felt
Quesito 25 Any company __(a)__ rewards managers __(b)__
Sostituisci __(a)__ con: , that takes itself seriously,    , which takes itself seriously,    that takes itself seriously    who takes itself seriously
Sostituisci __(b)__ con: that get results.    which get results.    , who get results.    , that get results.
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